Do you want extra income or prestige? Do you have a passion, hobby or skill set that you could convert into a income stream? Read on...

What Are You Passionate About?

People from all walks of life are sharing their passions and enthusiasm, helping to make the internet a better place...
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Do you have a passion? Do you have an interest that consumes your every waking hour?

Do you have a hobby or skill that other people might be interested in?

Do you have an existing business that you would like to take online?

Would you like to be famous or even just make some money?

Then read on to discover how to...

Convert your passion into an income stream...

As you have probably noticed by now, I have a passion for Norman Rockwell art. Thanks to a revolutionary new set of tools, I was able to transform my hobby and passion into this web site. Simply.

Just like most people, I had dreamt of building my own web site (the ultimate home business) for years. Also like most people, I had no earthly idea how to achieve that dream.

I read everything about websites that I could get my hands on. Most of it might as well have been written in a foreign language. I understood very little of what I read at that point. I had no background to build on.

To add insult to injury, most of the web hosts wanted my business so bad, that they tried to make the process sound easy.

The Get Rich Quick (GRQ) people and gurus were just as bad. I would be living in Keithville right now if their claims were even half true. And, of course, I bit and bought GRQ more that once.

The truth is: it takes a proven system to launch a successful business, on or off the internet.

I wasn't so much afraid to lose a few dollars. I was more reluctant to lose valuable time. I did not want to waste a year or three only to have learned another lesson about what doesn't work.

It would be deceitful to say that I was about to give up. I'll leave that to the GRQ crowd. I was not giving up because I knew that it could be done. The internet itself was proof of that. My main concern was somehow doing it right the first time.

How extremely fortunate I was to have happened upon the tools and proven system that were needed to accomplish my goals. This winning combination turned out to be a bargain measured both in money and time.

Enter SiteBuildit!

I didn't even know enough to know what I was looking for!

But as luck would have it, everything I needed came in one package. That package, I was soon to find out, was called SiteBuildIt! (Appropriately enough, the - ! - is actually part of the name.)

Now don't get me wrong, building your own web site is neither quick nor easy. There is a lot of work to do be done. There are some things that you just have to do for yourself.

Technology is wonderful but it is no match for the human brain. Your Creator gave you everything you need to succeed both online and off.

When I started, I was a relative newbie. I had no idea how to do most of the things involved in building and running a web site.

I had graduated both high school and college, so I knew that I was able to learn. "Webmastering" couldn't be any harder than chemistry, calculus or any of the other courses that I took it college.

From newbie to knowledge

As a newbie, I knew nothing about writing HTML, search engine optimization, blogging or any of the other myriad things that I was certain I would have to learn to be a webmaster.

I was not content to wallow in my ignorance. Yet I was also reluctant to commit the time necessary to learn all those things. What if running a web site just wasn't my cup of tea? I did not want to commit months of my life learning a skill set that might be virtually useless in any other career.

Well, it turns out that I worried a lot for nothing. I found out that I only needed to know how to type and to click to get started. I was able to get my web sites started and to achieve a modicum of success using only those basic skills.

Of course, I didn't reinvent the wheel. Nor did I need to. I followed a plan, a course, an action guide., the company that services SiteBuildIt!, furnishes each new owner with their Action Guide.

The SiteBuildIt Action Guide actually lays out your action steps for achieving success on the web. My most important step was reading and rereading the Action Guide. Then I followed the steps. I asked questions when they arose. I created new content. I clicked buttons.

The beauty part is that the SiteBuildIt! tool and hosting does all the tedious technical work with the click of a button. The only real work I do, besides clicking buttons, is writing the content, editing pictures, and keeping my mind on the big picture. And, believe me, that is more the enough here to keep me busy for a long time.

Find out more...

Would you like to know more about building your own web site without having to know or even be concerned with all the technical things involved? It is as simple as I have described.

What it is not: easy. Nothing worth achieving is easy. I'm sure that you have read lots of get rich quick sales pitches on the Internet. This is not get rich quick. Get rich quick is a sucker bet, nothing more.

This is your chance to turn your hobby or passion into a business. A successful Internet business.

Your next step...

If this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, I have written a six part overview to give you more information. After you learn the basics in my six part overview, I will send you a questionnaire. I hope to improve the overview. Your constructive criticism will be appreciated.

At the bottom of the questionnaire will be a place for your questions for me.

Fill out the contact form below. Then check your e-mail. I hate spam as much as you do, so I use a double opt-in. You will receive an e-mail confirming your signing up for the six part SiteBuildIt! overview. Open that e-mail, click on the confirmation link and you will be on your way to enjoying a successful Web business of your own.

Just imagine how much fun you will have telling your friends "Yesterday, my web site had 1397 unique visitors." It was fun when I said that to my friends.

A free gift...'s
Alexa Ranking
Just for "humoring" me, I am going to give you a download of a manual that has really helped me each time I read it. Yes, each time! I have read it and reread it several times.

This groundbreaking book is Make Your Content Presell! by Ken Evoy,MD, founder and CEO of is an Alexa Top 300 website. Ken Evoy obviously knows a thing or two about building a successful website.

This groundbreaking book is the simply best in its class. You will learn the best ways to write content for the web. You will learn the dos and don'ts, the ins and outs.

Whether or not you give SiteBuildIt! a go, you will still need this book. I have found that it even helped me in my 9 to 5 job.

Make Your Content Presell! comes with my highest recommendation, and now it is yours free. You're welcome.

Oh! One last thought...

From time to time, Sitesell discounts Solo Build It!

When you subscribe to my six part Solo Build It! overview, I will make sure you know when discounts are in force. You will not only have the best website building host and system I know of, you will also be able to get it at a discount.

And I have been known to throw in some other valuable bonuses from time to time, too!

I look forward to helping you realize your dreams.


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