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Norman Rockwell Advertising Art

Complete List - 1920 Through 1924

Norman Rockwell advertising artwork was published hundreds of times over the years.

The companies who utilized Rockwell's artwork are legion. I will try to name a few of the majors on this part of the list. Edison Mazda, Orange Crush, Raybestos, Pratt & Lambert, Quaker, Fisk and Interwoven were all major Rockwell advertisers of this period.

Norman Rockwell's prowess at touching his viewer's emotions was prized not only by magazine art editors, but also by advertisers.

Rockwell' s advertising career started in 1914 with a Heinz ad in the Boy Scout Handbook and ended 64 years later in 1976 with Lancaster Turkeys. There may be later published advertising art, but I have been unable to find any.

Scan the list and see how many you recognize.

Want more Rockwell advertisements?

The list of Norman Rockwell advertising art covers several pages.

The list has been split into parts based on the year the Norman Rockwell advertisement was published. The reason is for better organization and better readability.

Please see the Norman Rockwell advertisement artwork on the following pages.

Advertising Overview and 1914 - 1919 Rockwell advertisements,
1920 - 1924 Norman Rockwell advertising art,
1925 - 1929 Norman Rockwell advertising art,
1930 - 1934 Rockwell advertising art,
1935 - 1939 Rockwell advertising art,
1940 - 1944 Rockwell advertising art,
1945 - 1949 Rockwell advertising art,
1950 - 1954 Rockwell advertising art,
1955 - 1959 Rockwell advertising art,
1960 - 1964 Rockwell advertising art,
1965 - 1976 Rockwell advertising art

Feel free to look around.

Norman Rockwell's Advertising Artwork

Each clickable link will connect you to the page dedicated to that particular Norman Rockwell illustration. Each page features a scan and commentary. Enjoy.

1920 Norman Rockwell Advertisements

January 3Saturday Evening PostCarnation MilkGrandmother and Grandson Baking Pies
March 20Saturday Evening PostAdams Black Jack GumQuenches Thirst (Boy with Basebat and Stick of Gum)
March 20Saturday Evening Post
AprilAmerican BoyB. F. Goodrich Bicycle TiresHey Fellers! $100 in Gold First Prize (Three Boys on Bikes)
AprilSt. NicholasB. F. Goodrich Bicycle Tires Hey Fellers! $100 in Gold First Prize (Three Boys on Bikes) (Black & White)
April 3Saturday Evening PostParamount PicturesFour, Please (Family Buying Movie Tickets)
April 17Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaAnd Every Lad May Be Aladdin (Crackers in Bed)
MayAmerican Boy
MayPictorial Review
May 15Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaThe Melody of Music and the Melody of Light (At the Piano)
JuneSt. NicholasB. F. Goodrich Bicycle TiresBoys' Book of Sports
June 12Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaWhat a Difference Light Makes! (Young Couple Surprised by Young Brother)
July 10Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaMore :[ght for Every Year of Life (Birthday Party)
August 7Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaAnd the Symbol of Welcome Is Light (Guests Arriving at Party)
August 14Saturday Evening PostGoulds Manufacturing CompanyTwo Straws Are Better Than One
SeptemberLadies Home JournalWearpledgeAmazing as a Tale of Thrills Are Wearpledge Insured Clothes for Boys (Boy Reading Tooter Jones)
September 4Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaThe College of the Lighted Lamp (Studying with Father)
OctoberLadies Home JournalFleischman's YeastBread and Ambition
October 2Saturday Evening PostEdison Mazda'She Was a Queen and I Was a King' (Grandfather with Children)
October 30Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaAnd in Life's Evening Time (Elderly Couple Reading)
November 13Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaThis Is the Room That Light Made (Playing Cards by Lamplight)
November 19American Legion
November 27Saturday Evening PostEdison Mazda This Is the Room That Light Made (Playing Cards by Lamplight)
December 18 JudgePiso's Good for Young and Old

1921 Norman Rockwell Advertisements

JanuaryAmericanUS ArmyThe Army Teaches Trades
January 2American WeeklyPiso'sGood for Young and Old
February 17LifePiso'sGood for Young and Old
MarchVanity FairArrowHis First Dress Shirt
MarchUniversity of Michigan GargoyleArrowHis First Dress Shirt
April 2Saturday Evening PostCycle Traders of AmericaSchool, This Year, Means More Than Ever Before (Boys on Bicycles)
May 26LifeCrushThe 'Bribe'
JuneAmerican BoyCrushThe 'Home Run'
JuneAmericanCrushThe 'Bribe'
JunePictorial Review
JuneThe Farm JournalCrushAn Orange Crush
June 2The Youth's CompanionCrushThe Home Run
June 11Literary DigestCrushThe Home Run
June 18Saturday Evening Post Goulds Manufacturing Company C-L-E-A-N (Boy Drying Off After Bath)
June 25ColliersCrushOne Touch of Nature
JulyAmerican BoyCrushThe Home Run
JulyMcCall'sGrape NutsGirl with Grape Nuts
JulyPictorial Review
JulyWoman's Home CompanionGrape NutsGirl with Grape Nuts
July 16Literary DigestCrushThe 'Bribe'
July 16Saturday Evening PostGoulds Manufacturing CompanyC-L-E-A-N (Boy Drying Off After Bath)
AugustAmericanCrushThe 'Home Run'
December 31Saturday Evening PostSave The SurfacePainting the Little House

1922 Norman Rockwell Advertisements

January 7Saturday Evening PostEdison MazdaAll's Right Says the Light (Sweethearts)
January 7Saturday Evening PostRaybestosI Want to Be Sure About My Brakes (Gentelman at the Wheel)
February 4Saturday Evening PostRaybestosWant to Know Why I Use It? (Repairman)
March 4Saturday Evening PostRaybestos'I'm Thinking About My Kiddie' (Mother with Daughter Behind the Wheel)
April 1Saturday Evening PostRaybestosI See 'Em Bumped Every Day (Policeman with Whistle)
JuneLadies Home JournalEdison MazdaThe Stuff of Which Memories Are Made (Children Saying Prayers)
JuneLadies Home JournalEdison MazdaThe Party After the Party (Grandmother and Granddaughter)
July 30Collier'sWestern Cartridge CompanyHis First Duck
AugustLadies Home Journal
August 11The American LegionJell-o
August 26Saturday Evening PostInterwoven StockingsA Long Way to the First Hole
September 9Saturday Evening PostRaybestos'This Bus Stops Whem I Jam on the Brakes!' (Bus Driver)
OctoberAmerican Cookery
OctoberLadies Home Journal The Children's Hour (Shadows on the Wall)
October 7Saturday Evening PostRaybestos'Git Back a Little, Your Brakes Ain't Workin' Right' (Man Holding Stop Sign)
NovemberHouse BeautifulPratt & LambertGrandpa's Gift (Grandfather Varnishing the Cradle)
November 11Saturday Evening PostPratt & Lambert Grandpa's Gift (Grandfather Varnishing the Cradle)
November 18Saturday Evening PostInterwoven StockingsSomething to Be Thankful for (Pilgrim with Gun)
DecemberAmericanPratt & LambertGrandpa's Gift (Grandfather Varnishing the Cradle)
DecemberLadies Home Journal
December 14Clintonville GazetteWestern Newspaper UnionSanta's Workshop

1923 Norman Rockwell Advertisements

FebruaryHarper's MonthlyJell-o It's So Simple
FebruaryReview of Reviews
FebruaryWorld's Work
February 1The Youth's Companion
February 17Saturday Evening Post
February 24Saturday Evening PostRomance ChocolatesFrom the Most Critical Group in America to People the Country Over (Sweets for the Sweet)
MarchAtlantic Monthly
MarchHarper's MonthlyRomance ChocolatesFrom the Most Critical Group in America to People the Country Over (Sweets for the Sweet)
MarchReview of Reviews
MarchWoman's Home Companion
MarchWorld's Work
March 3Country Gentleman
March 17Saturday Evening PostWillys-Overland MotorsThe Main Thing on Main Street
March 17Saturday Evening Post
AprilHarper's MonthlyRomance Chocolates Candy That Faced the Test of the Critical -And Won
AprilPictorial ReviewJell-O
AprilReview of Reviews
AprilScribner'sRomance Chocolates
AprilWorld's Work
April 23Saturday Evening Post
May 5Saturday Evening PostLowe Brothers'Good for Another Generation'
JuneAtlantic MonthlyLowe Brothers'Good for Another Generation'
JuneCountry Life
JuneGood HousekeepingLowe Brothers'Good for Another Generation'
JuneGood Housekeeping
JuneHarper's MonthlyLowe Brothers'Good for Another Generation'
JuneHouse BeautifulLowe Brothers'Good for Another Generation'
June 21The Youth's Companion
June 21The Youth's Companion
July 7Saturday Evening Post
September 13Saturday Evening PostUnderwood-And Daniel Boone Comes to Life on the Underwood Portable
OctoberPeoples Home Journal
October 13Literary DigestValsparValspar is Halowe'en-Proof
October 13Saturday Evening PostUnderwood Portable TypewriterDaniel Boon Comes to Life
October 27Saturday Evening Post
NovemberFarmers Wife
NovemberHouse BeautifulPratt & Lambert
NovemberLadies Home Journal
November 1The Youth's CompanionJello
November 3Saturday Evening PostPratt & LambertMan Varnishing Doll's Bed for Little Girl
November 24Saturday Evening Post
DecemberAmerican Needlewoman
December 1Saturday Evening PostJell-O'It's So Simple'

1924 Norman Rockwell Advertisements

January 12Saturday Evening Post RaybestosComfort in Safety (Couple and Dog in Open Auto)
February 9Saturday Evening PostAllen A CompanyTriple-Knee Stockings for Sturdy Youngsters (Boys in Classroom)
March 1The Country GentlemanJell-oSee How Easy It Is
March 13The Youth's CompanionQuaker Puffed RiceThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
March 22Collier's
AprilGood Housekeeping
AprilHouse & GardenFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
AprilLadies' Home JournalQuaker Puffed RiceThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
AprilTheatre Fisk Tire Time to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
April 5Saturday Evening PostPratt & LambertMy Favorite Picture (Elderly Woman Varnishing Picture Frame)
April 5Saturday Evening PostFisk Tire Time to Retire: Sleeping Tramp (Black & White)
April 5Saturday Evening Post
April 10LifeFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
April 19Christian HeraldQuaker Puffed RiceThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
MayCountry LifeFisk tireTime to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
MayHouse Beautiful
MayNational Geographic
MayPeoples Home Journal
MayPictorial Review
May 10LibertyFisk tireTime to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
May 10Literary DigestColgate Dental CreamIf Your Wisdom Teeth Could Talk They'd Say, 'Use Colgate's' (Youth and Old Age)
May 17Saturday Evening Post
May 22The Youth's CompanionHood Footwear'My Idea of Shoes!'
JuneLadies' Home JournalQuaker OatsThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
June 7Saturday Evening PostFisk TireTime to Retire: Boy and Dog
June 12LifeFisk TireTime to Retire: Boy and Dog
June 17Town & CountryFisk TireTime to Retire: Boy and Dog
JulyCountry LifeFisk TireTime to Retire: Boy and Dog
JulyLadies' Home JournalColgates Ribbon Dental CreamIf Your Wisdom Teeth Could Talk They'd Say, 'Use Colgate's' (Youth and Old Age)
JulyTheatre MagazineFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Tramp
JulyWoman's Home Companion
August 9Liberty
August 9Saturday Evening PostInterwoven StockingsMan Inspecting Socks
August 23Collier'sFisk TiresDog and Cat
August 23LibertyFisk TiresDog and Cat
August 23Saturday Evening PostAllen A CompanyPirates Like These Need Triple Knees in Their Stockings (Boys Playing Pirates)
SeptemberCountry LifeFisk TireTime to Retire: Dog and Cat
SeptemberLibertyFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff
SeptemberMcCall'sQuaker Puffed RiceThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
September 13Collier'sFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff
OctoberCountry LifeFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff
OctoberTouring TopicsFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff (black & white)
OctoberNeedlecraftQuaker Puffed RiceThat Million Dollar Boy of Yours
OctoberTheatreFisk TireTime to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff
OctoberVanity FairFisk Tire Time to Retire: Sleeping Sheriff (black & white)
NovemberGood Housekeeping
NovemberHouse & Garden
NovemberHouse BeautifulPratt & LambertMemories (Elderly Gentleman Reminded of a Past Love)
November 1Saturday Evening Post
November 8Saturday Evening Post
December American

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Norman Rockwell Quotes:

I'll never have enough time to paint all the pictures I'd like to.

No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all his talent and feeling into them!

Some people have been kind enough to call me a fine artist. I've always called myself an illustrator. I'm not sure what the difference is. All I know is that whatever type of work I do, I try to give it my very best. Art has been my life.

Right from the beginning, I always strived to capture everything I saw as completely as possible.

The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they're always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.

I can take a lot of pats on the back. I love it when I get admiring letters from people. And, of course, I'd love it if the critics would notice me, too.

You must first spend some time getting your model to relax. Then you'll get a natural expression.

More at BrainyQuote.

Rockwell Favorites

Doctor and the Doll
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Doctor and the Doll
Santa at His Desk
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Santa at His Desk
Before the Shot
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Before the Shot
Game Called Because of Rain
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Game Called Because of Rain (Three Umpires)
Freedom of Speech
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Freedom of Speech
Freedom from Want
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Freedom from Want
No Swimming
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No Swimming
The Runaway
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The Runaway
Girl at the Mirror
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Girl at the Mirror
Tattoo Artist
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Tattoo Artist
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Puppy Love
(Little Spooners)

Norman Rockwell Christmas and Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Galleries are open.

Norman Rockwell's painting, A Drum for Tommy or Santa with Drum, appeared on the cover of The Country Gentleman on 12/17/1921
Norman Rockwell Santa Claus
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